Jane Decker is a pop artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. Jane started touring at the age of 16 with her indie-rock band Belle Histoire, which was one of Alternative Press' 100 bands to watch in 2012. The success of Belle Histoire's debut album earned Jane the opportunity to be on the hit TV show The Voice. After working 3 months out in LA for the taping, Jane made it on national TV and was a trending topic worldwide on Twitter. The Voice opened up a lot of opportunities for Jane and introduced her to a whole new crowd of potential fans. 

Jane has spent the last ten months writing and recording 55 songs with a tight-knit team of Cincinnati talent. Jane released the "55" record independently in the US and on Japanese label P-VINE Records in August of 2016. She is distributed in Tower Records stores all across Japan. Her single "Givin Up" has been streamed almost half a million times.